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Proudly Australian designed and manufactured

Buying Australian made products not only supports local business and the economy, it brings a range of benefits to customers and the wider community. Quality, customisation, reliability and experience are why Australian livestock producers trust ProWay to design, fabricate and install stock handling facilities.

2020 marks 20 years in manufacturing for ProWay, which is a milestone in business and a proud achievement in regional employment. While many manufacturing sectors have struggled to maintain competitive foothold against imported products, ProWay’s commitment to manufacturing quality and purpose-built facilities is a key factor for many livestock operations.

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured
6 Stand Shearing Shed for Rick and Allan Mattiske – Stockinbingal NSW. ProWay are committed to using quality Australian raw materials in our projects, such as premium grade steel, Australian milled timber and Australian processed recycled plastics as required.

Supporting regional business and Australian jobs is important to Australian farmers. ProWay director and stock yard designer Bill Thomas knows and hears the importance of regional manufacturing.

“There’s a definitely a push from our customers and the general community to buy Australian made. There are many benefits, but the leading factor is trust that ProWay have the expertise and will deliver a quality result. Australian farmers also understand that buying Australian made, means money and skills going back into the community.”

David Higgins
ProWay driver Dave Higgins with one of the Kenworth trucks. In 2019 ProWay trucks travelled over 300,000kms delivering yards, shearing shed fitouts and ramps across the country.

“We employ close to 90 staff that live and spend their wages in regional Australia. When you buy products that aren’t Australian made, those wages are going overseas.”

The importance of skills training in the Riverina is also an important factor.

“Australia relies on qualified tradespeople across many industries, particularly in the agriculture sector. Historically it’s workshops like ours that offer apprenticeships and provide an entry and completion of a trade. There’s plenty of cheap products coming into the market in shipping containers from overseas, but you have to think, how sustainable is this for the local and national economy?”

By manufacturing in Australia, ProWay are also supporting jobs in other Australian businesses including external manufacturers, suppliers and trades providing: componentry, fasteners, fittings and consumables, engineering and custom parts manufacturing, hot dip galvanising, shed manufacturers and builders, raw materials (steel, timber, plastics and composites), signwriting and printing, vehicle and forklift servicing and the many trades and professionals that go into building a ProWay facility.

It’s evident that buying Australian made products support jobs and economic growth for the country. The flow on effect delivers positive outcomes to Australian families and local communities. Research published by the Industry Capability Network shows that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia, the following effects flow through the economy:

  • $333,900 worth of tax revenue generated
  • $985,000 worth of value-added generated
  • $95,000 worth of welfare benefits saved
  • 10 full-time jobs created

Yocham Ranch
Clayton Hamblin completed his metal fabrication trade with ProWay and has been with the company for 10 years. He currently runs one of ProWay’s Wagga fabrication workshops.

In terms of jobs and training, ProWay have supported and encouraged trades and education throughout 20 years in business. Since establishing in 2000 ProWay has trained approximately 40 apprentices through to completion of trade certificates in metal fabrication, and facilitated qualifications such as certificates, diplomas and degrees across many facets of the business. As the company has grown, many staff have moved into key roles in the company while others have pursued careers all over the country.

ProWay employ a diverse team that is made up of many departments including welders and supervisors, labourers and truck drivers, technical and engineering, administration and management, and our sales and stockyard design team.

Staff retention is another area that the company are proud of. Currently ProWay employ over 80 full time staff, 26 of those have been with the company for over 5 years, with 11 staff employed for over 10 years.

Brian Ingram
ProWay 2019 Employee of the Year, Brian Ingram has worked for ProWay for 12 years in sheet metal and fabrication.

Buying Australian made products also supports Australian innovation and industry development.

“Many of our clients are 2nd and 3rd time customers and we rely on their experiences and feedback to improve the product range and identify trends in the industry. Leadups to multiple handlers, automation in the yards with remote controls and pneumatic gates, unique husbandry requirements, selling and processing technology, as well as feedlot and quarantine facilities are among the trends that we see evolving in the livestock game.”

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured
State of the art cattle handling facility for Thomas Foods International, Tintinara, SA. Proudly Australian designed and manufactured by ProWay.

“Our design team work closely with our customers and their ideas are relayed through our engineering and fabrication departments on a daily basis. It’s this kind of turnaround that is unique to our products and service. Our clients expect a high standard and we strive to deliver quality.”

Product quality, industry expertise and meeting Australian standards are among the advantages of Australian manufactured products. ProWay are proud to meet industry requirements and build facilities that are fit for purpose now and into the future. In recent years ProWay have advised on guidelines to improve safety and animal welfare across the industry. An example of this is our involvement in the creation of the ALRTA: Guide for safe design of livestock loading ramps and forcing yards.

“Manufacturing here is something we’re proud of and offers many benefits to our team and our customers. It’s something that we’re passionate about and the benefits far outweigh any savings we might incur by importing inferior products and materials.”

BT and Wayne Osbourne

ProWay Director Bill Thomas (right) with Managing Director of Victorian Livestock Exchange Wayne Osbourne (left) at the launch of East Gippsland Livestock Exchange, Sale VIC, designed and manufactured by ProWay Livestock Equipment

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