ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in
Australia and the USA, and installed all over the world.

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infrastructure designed to improve safety and profitability

For over 20 years, ProWay’s renowned Commercial Team have designed, manufactured and installed class leading commercial livestock facilities.

We understand that every operation is different and our experienced Design Team have unparalleled experience in custom built commercial sale barns, abattoirs and feedlots. ProWay’s Commercial Team have developed brand new facilities and have restored and updated existing infrastructure to align it with the latest safety and animal welfare standards.

The livestock handling fundamentals and technology we take into consideration for our on farm client base is adapted to suit commercial scale operations. This ensures that stock flow, holding capacity, loading infrastructure, labor efficiency, frequency of use, breed, existing infrastructure, operator safety and animal welfare are all incorporated into the design process.

Sale Yards

For over 20 years, ProWay Livestock Equipment has played an active role in the overall improvement of Australian livestock exchange facilities. 


ProWay has custom designed, fabricated and installed numerous abattoir and livestock processing facilities across Australia. From safe and efficient unloading chutes and walkways, through to state-of-the-art processing facilities and complete raised lairages.


Livestock carriers regard ProWay’s vast range of Loading Chutes as the best in the industry for operator safety and stock flow.

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We understand the process and challenges for facilities receiving, processing and distributing high volumes of livestock and have the product range and project management resources to ensure your new commercial facility is state of the art and built to last.

ProWay’s Commercial Design Team bring over 20 years of experience managing the design of high throughput livestock handling operations, proudly made in Australia and the USA, and installed all over the world.

ProWay have completed a number of commercial facility upgrades in locations where existing infrastructure has been retained and factored into the design.

Our experienced Project Management Team ensure disruptions to processing are minimized and in many cases, temporary diversions can be established while the new corrals, infrastructure and handling areas are installed. 

We understand the profitability importance of keeping your existing facility operating during a commercial upgrade and work with you to ensure a streamlined project plan is followed with as minimal impact to your business as possible.

Our Engineers and Drafting Team work closely with supply chain, corporate and external developers to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget and to the best standard available.

Continual improvement driven by feedback from our clients in both the commercial and private sectors has contributed to the development of ProWay’s commercial facilities, maximizing safety for staff and contractors while ensuring timely and stress-free handling with high volumes of livestock.


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Featured Product #1

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Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable