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Custom Design Service

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in
Australia and the USA, and installed all over the world.


Our clients come first. We have built a strong advocacy over 20 years as a result of providing unmatched local service and high quality finished products.

ProWay not only works with you, the client, but on a commercial level they liaise with various stakeholders such as local councils, contractors,  transport bodies and government organisations to ensure your commercial development meets all required Australian standards.

ProWay will be there to assist your group with the initial design process right through to completion.

We work with you to achieve a facility that:

  • Is safe for staff, operators and the public by meeting all Work, Health and Safety guidelines and legislation
  • Adheres to relevant animal welfare guidelines and legislation
  • Is efficient in terms of stock flow and productivity
  • Introduces the best available materials and technology
  • Provides a custom design with a life span to last generations
  • Is easy to maintain, clean and work in

Product Enquiry

Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable