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ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in
Australia and the USA, and installed all over the world.


“On the profitability side we’re a labor unit less than we needed in the old yards. What would have taken a day now takes us 2.5 hours.”

Jarrod McKay, ‘LarnOO’


ProWay have a range of features that are catered to Bos Taurus and European Breed Cattle in temperate climates. Our custom design service provides ProWay customers with unique solutions best suited to your operation, meaning no two facilities are ever the same.

Refined over time our cattle corrals and facilities improve safety, animal welfare, stock flow and profitability with quality materials that are built to last.
We pride ourselves on the continual innovation of livestock handling technology.




Talk to us and discover why ProWay Livestock Equipment is the choice of livestock professionals


  • All permanent ProWay cattle corral posts are concreted in the ground for added strength
  • Every panel is made specifically for the individual job. Panels are built to suit the design rather than designed to suit the panels
  • All posts are hot dipped galvanized which is superior to electroplated pipe
  • For temperate breeds standard post size is 80NB medium wall (4mm) OD=88.9mm.
  • 100NB post upgrade is available for extra strength and longevity


  • Manual or remote options available
  • Gate follows cattle around rolled panels reducing area encouraging cattle to enter the alley
  • Padded brake drags around rolled panels and locks in position
  • Braced overhead for strength and durability
  • Sheeted panels aid stock movement and operator safety
  • Separates the handler and stock in the forcing pen
  • Centre post is heavy duty galvanized 6″ capped pipe.


  • Spring loaded 2 ft wide personnel gates
  • Provide quick safe access around yards
  • Implemented in key areas within the corral design to maximize efficiency, particularly the force and working areas


  • Sorting pounds allow for sorting cattle and calves in up to seven directions
  • Raised Crows Nest platforms give control from one raised position
  • Gates have a chain and spring catch to lock them in place when not in use
  • Gates are also braced overhead for extra strength


  • Provides weather protection to operators, stock and yards, increasing longevity of the corrals
  • Undercover work areas increase operational efficiency, allowing for all-weather work
  • Heavy duty steel construction with color bond or zinc roof option
  • ProWay can organize roof erection during the construction of corrals, or as a standalone structure
  • Sheds can be designed around yards, alternatively yards can be designed around an existing shed to maximize coverage and utilize columns.


  • Elevate operators to a safe, comfortable working height above stock
  • By following the walkway around the high throughput corrals and alley the operator is able to encourage stock flow from a more commanding position, out of harms way.
  • Non-slip walkway mesh
  • Cut and installed onsite to ensure neat and robust fit
  • Footings concreted in ground for strength

Overhead Bracing

  • Gates can be upgraded to include overhead bracing
  • Single gates are braced with a 1 ½” pipe.
  • Double gates span over 10 ft are braced with 2” pipe.
  • Gates are braced at 7 ft (from the ground) as standard or up to 11 ft for throughways which require high clearance (i.e. horseback/machinery).

Lever Haz Catch

  • Developed and patented by ProWay
  • For animal safety, the Catch is fully contained inside the gate, not welded on the side
  • This prevents bruising to stock and limits damage to the Catch itself
  • The Catch can be locked open in one movement, so that no part of the bolt is exposed
  • Lever Haz Catches are particularly useful in situations where Catch access is limited
  • Generally, these Catches are installed on the outside of sheeted gates, or where gates need to be operated from a walkway


  • Poplar slam catches are another option for our standard gate range and are fitted to one side of the rail
  • Due to the lever handle, gates fitted with poplar catches are simple and quick to open and can be thrown shut


  • The H-Alley has full sheeting on the outside of the alley preventing distractions effecting stock flow
  • The inner arc of the alley is sheeted ¾ of the outside height to allow visibility and access to stock
  • Alleys are available at any length and are designed with suitable radial arcs to promote stock flow
  • Strength is given by the combination of a heavy duty galvanized frame and underground concreted bracing
  • ProWay can also build non-sheeted H-Alleys using any of our standard rail options


  • The V-Alley includes a fully sheeted outer arc which prevents legs and heads getting out
  • These sections are also made as safety release gates. They can be quickly opened to free overturned stock with two bolt catches (both high and low) so gate sections have no flex
  • The inner arc of the alley is sheeted ¾ of the outside height to allow visibility and access to stock
  • The ‘V’ profile also minimizes the chance of small stock turning around in the alley
  • The curved formation gives better draw up the alley, with stock circling past the operator


  • The lever operated system allows for quick adjustment between widths of 33” and 23” at increments of 2”.
  • The adjustable alley gives flexibility as they’re suitable for multiple breed, size and age operations
  • It also stops smaller cattle turning around
  • It can be implemented to suit both curved and straight alley options
  • Eliminates the necessity of a calf alley
  • Optional overhanging rail allows unrestricted access to cattle
  • Can be adapted to pneumatic or sliding alley gates


  • ProWay have developed an overhanging bracing system that allows fluid movement for the operator while treating cattle, without jeopardizing strength and top rail height
  • Without the overhanging rail there are points in the alley that can be hard to access due to post obstruction
  • The overhanging rail creates a continuous gap that allows access to cattle at any point within the alley

Sliding Gates

  • Two styles of sliding gates are available
  • The conventional pull out sliding gate has no overhanging track on the operators side. The gates are reversible and can be used from either side
  • The alternative style is designed for use with walkways. The gate opens away from the operator. They’re operated by a lever type handle which drops down out of the way

3 or 5 Way Manual SORTING ALLEY

  • The cattle 3 or 5-way Manual Sorting Alley provides quick and safe sorting system in front of a squeeze chute
  • It is designed with access gates and slam catches for quick and safe access to animals
  • 4 ½” Cattle Rail available for strength
  • Sliding gate can be used as a baulk gate
  • Rubber stoppers for quieter operation
  • Hot dipped channel base for longevity

Cattle Weighbox

  • ProWay’s Cattle Weigh-box is fabricated with a galvanized steel frame/floor and designed to suit all cattle sizes
  • The offside is made from timber for EID compatibility
  • The nearside is sheeted with galvabond sheeting and adjusts to suit different sized cattle
  • Added features include:
    • Hanging weigh bars that sit above the box on ‘U’ hoops
    • A front sliding door – or one made for rear operation
    • An adjustable side to stop animals turning around

Fully Sheeted Calf ALLEY

  • The ProWay calf alley is 3.5 ft high to stop bigger calves jumping out
  • It has slam shut gates at both ends for quick closing and can include a sliding gate positioned to hold one calf before the cradle
  • The alley length is determined by the size of the operation and specific requirements
  • ProWay can also supply a baulk bar to stop calves jumping out or over each other

Standard Chain and Catch

  • Chains and the ProWay HAZ catch come standard on all 4 ½ Oval  (except double gates which are chain only)
  • For overnight holding and extra security, the chains can be dropped into the inverted “T” slot which is welded to the rail
  • The catch has been developed and patented by ProWay as an effective multi-purpose, heavy duty gate catch
  • For safety, they’re fully contained within the line of the gate and not welded onto the side of the gate
  • The catch can be locked open in one movement, so that no part of the bolt is exposed. This reduces potential for cattle injury
  • The ring pull bolt system is simple to operate from either side of the gate and closes into a fitted pocket on the opposing post

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Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable