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Top Five Benefits of Custom Wool Sheds

We have recently been tackling the various customisations and specialist upgrade options for improving stock operations, today we turn our eyes toward shearing operations who are considering investing in a brand new ProWay Shearing Shed. More and more producers are moving towards upgrading their clipping facilities as they look to make the most of the current economic and production climate.

Producers are utilising ProWay Sheep Yards in conjunction with new custom wool sheds to maximise productivity for their operation. This improves their husbandry efficiency and time taken to complete varied operations. ProWay has refined its Shearing Sheds over time through research, testing and direct client feedback. A new custom wool shed is a serious long-term investment but doing it once with ProWay ensures your facility addition will last for generations to come.

If you’re curious about what separates ProWay from the rest, have a look for yourself here at our gallery of facilities in action.

1. Ergonomics, comfort and safety are greatly improved for all staff

It is well documented that poorly designed or maintained woolsheds can have serious WH&S consequences for shearers and wool handlers. ProWay’s Custom Wool Sheds look to greatly improve ergonomics by using a raised board system and tailoring the shearer configuration to suit your operation.

ProWay specialise in delivering board configurations based on client preference and fit out various raised boards and level wool rooms all over Australia. A raised board system ensures all roustabouts and handlers are always working above their hips. This greatly reduces the need to bend over to pick up a clip.  For the shearers, sloped catching pens angled toward the board to assist when dragging out. Safety rails and electrical cut out switches are also installed at each stand.

ProWay’s Shearing Shed Design Team can also customise the facility with respects to airflow, ventilation, and lighting. This ensures your shearing shed is comfortable to work in all year round, without comprising stock flow.

2. Tailored board configurations to suit your requirements

ProWay Boards are highly regarded by woolgrowers and shearers for the ergonomic benefits, durability and high-quality finishes. All Board work stations feature generous shelves and hooks for storage of equipment. ProWay Board Configurations can be designed to suit new or existing wool shed structure.

For custom wool sheds, there are three key options for board configurations, allowing you to choose the most suitable option. These options include the Sawtooth, Curved and Straight Board configurations. Each have their benefits, utility and suitability depending entirely on the business of operations at hand, ProWay Designers can work and discuss with you to determine what’s best for your own operation and offer their advice.

3. Efficiency gains for your operation

It’s common knowledge that shearers and shearing contractors are becoming harder to source. ProWay’s Custom Wool Sheds look to dramatically improve efficiency for your operation, and in turn encourage contractors to return year after year. Making it safer and physically easier to complete the various processes that take place in a wool shed, ProWay fit outs will enable a streamlined workflow for the entire team.

Well-designed holding pens encourage stock flow and reduces the number of labour units required to pen up. Internal laneways and strategic sheeted panels maximise throughput into catching pens meaning it is often feasible for a roustabout or presser to pen up without impacting significantly on workflow. ProWay continually improve holding pen and catching pen layouts based on client feedback. Features such as the versatile Slide Swing Gates look to increase mobility and access when penning up. The quicker staff can load sheep, the less down time and staff required to keep sheep up to shearers. These gates and pens can be custom designed for your specific Wool Shed requirements.

As mentioned earlier, board configuration is critical for efficiency gains. ProWay’s Board Configurations will reduce shearers length of drag and improve fleece handling in the wool room which will see operators’ level of fatigue reduced.

4. Working with existing infrastructure and site requirements

In most cases a new wool shed will need to encompass existing infrastructure and environment such as a shed, sheep yards, services, vehicle access, trees and lay of the land. ProWay specialise in integrating your custom designed shearing shed with your site and operation to ensure the new build factors all existing site parameters.

ProWay’s Design Team can also factor in working areas with roof over skillions or extensions of the shed structure over adjacent sheepyards. This offers weather protection over the working area of your yards so that stock can be treated and worked efficiently out of the elements all year round.

As part of the on site design process, your ProWay Designer will conduct a site assessment using satellite, survey and drone technology to ensure your build will suit the site and fit in with existing infrastructure.

Your site assessment and design process will consider:

  • Working with existing infrastructure.
  • Capacity above and below grating.
  • Filling, loading, entry and exit options.
  • Safety and ergonomics for all staff.
  • Shed orientation, seasonal conditions and best practice stock flow.
  • Roofing over new or existing stockyards.
  • Column spacing and ensuring minimal obstructions.
  • Integrating sheep handling and working areas.
  • Multipurpose wool room and amenities.
  • Future expansion and growth.
  • Factor appropriate storage into the plan to allow for machinery, wool handling equipment and wool bales

5. Premium Quality Australian made infrastructure

Just like ProWay’s Sheepyards, our Custom Wool Sheds are made from premium grade Australian materials and are installed by local, experienced contractor teams. ProWay understand the importance and significance of installing a new shearing shed and endeavor to retain quality standards across the whole project.

ProWay also work with reputable, well-known shed building contractors that will work with you to get the best possible result for you. ProWay work closely with shed manufactures to ensure access, lighting and ventilation are well considered to deliver your project on time, on budget and to your specifications.

Partnerships with suppliers, construction contractors and premium timber mills paired with ProWay’s quality Australian manufacturing of the structural components ensure a well-rounded, high quality product, one that’s built to last generations.

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