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The 5 Pieces of Sheep Handling Equipment you need to Manage your Herd Safely and Efficiently

Managing a herd of sheep can be challenging without the right equipment. Ensuring the safety and well-being of both your animals and your workers is crucial for an efficient and profitable operation. At ProWay Livestock Equipment, we specialize in providing high-quality, custom-tailored sheep handling solutions that make your farm more efficient and safe. Here are the five essential pieces of equipment you need to manage your herd safely and effectively.

1. Bulk Handler (Permanent and Mobile Options)

10 ft permanent bulk handler for sheep and goats

One of the most versatile and essential pieces of equipment for any sheep operation is the Bulk Handler. ProWay offers both permanent and mobile options to suit different farm needs. The ProWay Sheep Bulk Handler optimally positions and holds sheep, improving sheep handling efficiency and safety across most husbandry tasks. They’re ideal for drenching, vaccinating, capsuling, mouthing, back lining, jetting and tagging.

Most handlers on the market today create more problems than they solve. Getting individual sheep to run into a handler, then catching and controlling them requires time and significant operator effort.

Permanent Bulk Handler: The permanent Bulk Handler is designed for farms that require a robust and durable solution for large-scale operations. It facilitates the efficient handling of sheep during tasks such as drafting, weighing, and medical treatments. The permanent installation ensures stability and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for long-term operations.

Mobile and Contractor Bulk Handler: For farms that need flexibility, the mobile and contractor Bulk Handler is an excellent choice. It offers the same functionality as the permanent model but with the added advantage of mobility. This allows you to move the handler to different locations on your farm as needed, making it ideal for farms with multiple grazing areas or temporary setups.


  • Throughput levels are very high, as handling and filling times are quick and labor efficient.
  • Operator fatigue and need for physical strength are minimized.
  • Operators are physically separated from chemicals being applied by the sheeted sides, having minimal contact with the sheep.
  • Isolation from the animals also minimizes injury risk for the operator.
  • Operators are far less likely to miss recalcitrant animals as sheep are unable to ‘tunnel’ and bury their heads.
  • Animals are more likely to receive the correct dose, or have treatment applied in the correct pattern as they are confined and well presented.

Discover the benefits and more information about the Bulk Handler HERE

2. 11ft Loading Chute

11 foot mobile adjustable floor sheep loading ramp

Loading and unloading sheep can be one of the most stressful tasks for both animals and handlers. The ProWay 11ft Loading Chute is designed to make this process as smooth and safe as possible.


  • Safety and Comfort: The ramp features anti-slip flooring and side rails to prevent injuries and ensure the safe movement of sheep.
  • Ease of Use: The 3m length provides a gentle incline, reducing stress on the animals and making it easier for handlers to guide them.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, this ramp is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-term reliability.


Discover the benefits and more information about the 11ft Loading Chute HERE

3. Dual Adjustable Alley

Efficient sheep handling often requires managing multiple animals simultaneously. The ProWay Dual Adjustable Alley is an innovative solution that allows handlers to manage sheep in pairs, improving efficiency and safety.


  • Adjustable Width: The alley can be easily adjusted to accommodate sheep of different sizes, ensuring a snug fit that reduces stress and movement.
  • Safety Gates: The inclusion of safety gates prevents sheep from backing up or escaping, making the handling process more controlled and safer for both animals and handlers.
  • Durable Construction: Like all ProWay products, the Dual Adjustable alley is built to last, withstanding heavy use in demanding farm environments.


Discover the benefits and more information about the Dual Adjustable Alley HERE

4. Permanent Sheep Corrals

A well-designed sheep corrals is essential for effective herd management. ProWay’s Permanent Sheep Corrals are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation, providing a safe and efficient environment for all handling tasks.


  • Custom Design: Our experienced design team works with you to create a corral layout that maximizes stock flow and efficiency. This includes considering gate placement, corral access, and compression ratios.
  • Safety and Welfare: The corrals are designed to utilize the natural movements of sheep, reducing stress and ensuring the welfare of the animals. Protective rails, manways, and elevated walkways enhance safety for handlers.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these corral are designed for long-term use, providing a reliable handling solution for years to come.


Discover the benefits and more information about Permanent Sheep Corrals HERE

5. Serpentine Sorting Alley

Drafting sheep efficiently is crucial for any operation. The ProWay Serpentine Sorting Alley is designed to streamline this process, allowing for quick and effective sorting of animals.


  • Smooth Flow: The serpentine design utilizes the natural movement of sheep, encouraging them to move forward without stress or hesitation.
  • Multiple Drafting Options: The system can be set up to sort sheep into multiple groups, making it easier to manage different tasks such as separating by age, weight, or health status.
  • Safety Features: The sort includes features such as anti-backup gates and secure fencing to ensure the safety of both sheep and handlers during the drafting process.


Discover the benefits and more information about Serpentine Sorting Alley HERE


Investing in the right sheep handling equipment is essential for managing your herd safely and effectively. ProWay Livestock Equipment offers a range of high-quality, custom-tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your operation. From the versatile Bulk Handler and the safe 11ft Loading Chute to the efficient Dual Adjustable Alley, Permanent Sheep Corrals, and the streamlined Serpentine Sorting Alley, ProWay provides the tools you need to enhance your ranches efficiency and profitability. For more information on our products and how they can benefit your operation, visit our website.

By integrating these essential pieces of equipment into your sheep handling setup, you can ensure a safer, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable ranching operation.

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