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Shearing Sheds

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured
in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Shearing Sheds designed to greatly improve shearer ergonomics, sheep flow and productivity.

For over 20 years ProWay’s Shearing Sheds have earned the reputation as industry leading for their cutting edge design, shearer ergonomics and profitability. ProWay Shearing Sheds are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian wool producers.

We understand that each operation is different, our experienced Design Team has created hundreds of unique shearing shed facilities that factor in seemingly small details such as gate placement, filling options, yard access, shearing shed orientation, ventilation, lighting compression ratio or relative size of yards as well as loading and unloading to maximise sheep flow, shearer productivity and animal welfare.

To achieve this, our approach to shearing sheds considers several key factors: operation type, working/holding capacity, loading infrastructure, labour efficiency, frequency of use, mix of your enterprise, incorporating existing infrastructure, services and site specifications.

“I definitely would recommend ProWay, the service and products that they offer have been fantastic. After our first shearing, we had a shearer ring up to thank us for the facilities, you can’t get any better feedback than that”

– Tom Wilson, Farm Manager | Salt Creek Merinos | Woorndoo, VIC

“On our floor we’ve used the FRP Grating, which I’m most impressed with. It’s quiet and it’s going to be a very low maintenance flooring for us”

– Tom James, Farm Manager | Coliban Estate | Redesdale, VIC

Design Features

ProWay’s experience ensures the best quality outcome for your shearing shed design.
We specialise in custom shearing shed fitouts for new and existing wool sheds, as well as stockyards and livestock handling equipment.


Premium materials, quality prefabricated components combined with cutting edge design and professional installation ensure your ProWay custom shearing shed will last you generations.

Ramps in & Out

ProWay have a number of Ramp options to maximise efficiency when filling your wool shed and loading out from grating.

What We Offer


When it comes to sheep and shearing operations, our Design Team will create a tailor-made shearing facility to suit your requirements whilst factoring in key husbandry tasks such as sorting, drenching, vaccinating or market specific requirements such as long-term holding or quarantine. Our proven design principals are applied to ensure you’ve got an efficient wool shed that will last for years to come.

ProWay’s Design Team will work with you to effectively manage your Shearing Shed project from start to finish, assisting with everything from shed orientation, height under grating and concrete requirements. Our local Designers are experienced in designing new shearing fit-outs to work in with existing infrastructure such as loading chutes, holding corrals and sheds.

ProWay’s industry backed design and engineering team are committed to continued product development and have implemented effective modifications to improve animal welfare, operator safety and the ease of operation.

Continual improvement driven by feedback from our clients has contributed to significant improvements in ProWay Shearing Sheds and their accompanying sheep handling equipment over the years, maximizing safety for staff and contractors while ensuring timely and stress-free shearing and handling. 


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Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable