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Best practice livestock loading and unloading for handlers

Since 2000, ProWay has been designing, manufacturing and installing state of the art livestock facilities and equipment. We’re able to provide livestock producers and processing facilities with the most user-friendly products available because of our commitment to three things: Research: all facilities and equipment we create is backed by relevant research that informs what the. . .

Custom Stockyards: Tips to improve your operational productivity and efficiency

So you’ve taken the plunge. Deciding to upgrade your facilities is a huge investment. Making the leap to upgrade and install new custom stockyards is an exciting prospect for the future of your enterprise. Given the current market trends and climate, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a custom stockyard facility. Unfortunately,. . .

Custom Sheepyards: How custom designed sheepyards improve on-farm safety

Injuries can happen in any sheep operation, whether it’s to operators, contractors or to sheep. Workplace health and safety has hit the forefront of the livestock industry in recent years, with employees and owners seeing the retention and efficiency benefits of creating a workplace with increased safety. Poorly designed and constructed custom sheepyards and unsafe. . .


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