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Top Five Benefits of Custom Wool Sheds

We have recently been tackling the various customisations and specialist upgrade options for improving stock operations, today we turn our eyes toward shearing operations who are considering investing in a brand new ProWay Shearing Shed. More and more producers are moving towards upgrading their clipping facilities as they look to make the most of the. . .

Ramping Up Livestock Industry Safety in 2021

In late 2020, Standards Australia released a new standard for livestock loading ramps to improve safety and best practice for livestock loading infrastructure. The Standard is the result of collective information and expertise from industry stakeholders and closely resembles the previously released Guide for Safe Design of Livestock Loading Ramps and Forcing Pens by the. . .

Three Key Trends in Modern Custom Stockyards

As with most manufacturing industries, we’re seeing significant wait times across the board as a result of increased demand in the livestock handling facility space. A favourable economic climate, increased demand for their product and even Government initiatives has seen larger numbers of producers of varied scale making the decision to invest in custom stockyards. . .

Technology Improvements in Custom Cattleyards

In recent years, livestock handling technology has accelerated on the back of a push to make facilities significantly more efficient, without sacrificing safety for staff, contractors, and animals. In fact, technological improvements in custom cattleyard facilities has producers raving about the work, health, and safety benefits. Here’s how ProWay Livestock Equipment incorporate technology into their. . .

Tassie Producers Understand the Benefits of Quality Facilities

ProWay’s commitment to manufacturing quality and custom facilities is a key factor for livestock operations across Australia, and Tasmania is no exception. Tassie livestock producers have long understood the benefits of modern facilities. Since ProWay’s inception in 2000, the apple isle has supported quality stock handling solutions both on farm and at a commercial level.. . .

Feasibility Study for Crate PAL Proves Successful

A 12 week trial of a user-pays Crate Parallel Access Landing (Crate PAL) has proven successful at Kilcoy Global Foods Australia in South East Queensland. The Crate PAL is designed to provide a safe and secure working platform spanning the length of a B-double trailer. This means drivers avoid having to climb up and down. . .

Safety and Productivity Leading National Agendas in 2020

Round 7, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program 2020 The federal government has recently announced that, Round Seven of the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program is now open for proposals by state and territory governments and local government entities in receipt of Roads to Recovery funding, and will close on 29 May 2020. The $150m Heavy. . .

$150,000 Instant Tax Write-Off advantage for Primary Producers

As part of the federal government stimulus initiatives surrounding COVID-19, an increase to the Instant Asset Write-Off has been increased from $30,000 up to $150,000 and is now available to benefit many Australian businesses including primary producers. This increased asset write-off also now extends to businesses with an annual turnover of $500 million or less,. . .

Boosting Productivity: Pneumatics in Livestock Handling

ProWay has long believed in the importance of offering pneumatic solutions to help livestock producers and processing facilities boost productivity and yield. Pneumatics offer significant efficiency gains in livestock handling by allowing remote operation of gates in key locations of the facility. There is also a significant reduction in physical labour and stresses experienced by. . .

ProWay Crate PAL system lifts cattle unloading safety and efficiency

The trial of a revolutionary parallel access landing (PAL) platform at Kilcoy Global Foods in Queensland is revealing remarkable improvements in safety and productivity for B-double stock crate operators unloading cattle at the facility. It alleviates the age-old safety risks involved with drivers having to climb up the sides or on top of the crates to open gates and coax cattle to egress.


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