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Pneumatic Auto or Remote Sorting Alley

ProWay products are proudly designed
and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Pneumatic Auto or Remote Sorting Alley

ProWay’s auto & remote sorting alley unit is a pneumatic solution that can improve your labor efficiency by minimizing staff requirements to process cattle, effectively saving you money.

It also reduces the hazards associated with cattle corrals, allowing you and your staff to work safer and further from cattle while increasing productivity.

Stock flow is maximised as there is less interaction with people who can potentially cause baulking when in view of individual animals.

Features include:

  • Cattle rails for strength and non-bruise.
  • Rubber stoppers for quiet operation.
  • 80NB posts for strength.
  • Access gates with slam catches for quick and safe access to animals.
  • 3 or 5-way sorting alley for quick and safe sorting in front of a crush.
  • Hand held remote for flexibility of operating.
  • Air compressor option.
  • Industrial grade pneumatics for longevity.

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Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable