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Portable Sheep Corrals

ProWay products are proudly designed
and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Portable Sheep Corrals

Our portable range is completely mobile and simple to set up, with a straightforward transportable trailer system that allows for comfortable towing on ranch and on public roads.

  • 40 panel carrying capacity with a removable towing frame.
  • Permanent axle with slip on wheels and a winch to assist during pack-up and setup.
  • Once the wheel and tow frame is slipped off, the trailer body forms an adjustable V-alley with 3-way sorting capabilities
  • The trailer has the ability to hold 19 panels on each side and up to 8 internally including sheeted panels.
  • ProWay can provide panel layout designs that can incorporate existing fence lines or be setup as a standalone system.

Additional Accessories include:

  • Gate frames that convert panels into gates
  • Alley hoops and alley gates to form a handling alley at the front of the sorting alley
  • Junction adapters for joining more than 2 panels at one intersection.

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Celebrating over 20 years of innovation – ProWay are committed to making the livestock industry more efficient, safe and profitable